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  Our product was made because Frankie woke up freezing because he had no cover. The next day he came to school and told Josh, Adrian, and Owen his problem. We then decided to make a blanket that attaches to a pillow. The blanket is attached to the pillow case by strips of velcro. The reason why they are attached by velcro is so that you can have either a pillow or a blanket. But if you want them both you can put them together to make the Planket. The sides of the blanket part is lined with magnets so it surrounds you with warmth and so you can get out of the blanket with ease. Also 905-936-5609 call this number for more information. 


The planket is a amazing item. For only $24.99 you can have a portable pillow and blanket combo. Its a very  unique item and very warm and fuzzy. If you move a lot while you sleep, the planket doesn't come apart. Its strong leather stays together until you wake up for the best sleep. It comes in all different colours and its perfect to bring everywhere. Its perfect for long plane rides or car rides. It feels like your in a bed whenever your inside of it. 


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